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Education & Prevention

Kamloops Brain Injury Association strives to raise awareness about brain injury, and to promote injury prevention in the community. Some of the ways we do this are through the Grade 4 Injury Prevention Program, the Helmet Reward Program and The Brain Waves Program.

June is Brain Injury Awareness month and each year we take part in Funfest (formerly Activity & Awareness Day) with the support of the City of Kamloops. It's a fun, educational event for the whole family!

Brain Injury 101
Rebuilding After Brain Injury

For our survivors and their families, we offer Brain Injury 101 and Rebuilding After Brain Injury, which go hand in hand with each other. Brain Injury 101 is an introduction to dealing with changes after brain injury and discusses basic brain functions and anatomy, causes and types of acquired brain injury, the effects of brain injury, and the rehabilitation process. Rebuilding After Brain Injury is more indepth and goes further into detail on the subjects covered in Brain Injury 101, spending much more time discussing the physical, cognitive, emotional and social effects that a brain injury can have.
The final component of our educational trifecta is our brand new Connect, Learn, Grow (CLG), which started on August 21, 2018. Before taking part in CLG, it is important to have completed both Brain Injury 101 and Rebuilding After Brain Injury, as CLG will build on what is learned in those two groups. These groups, when taken together, will help survivors learn to accept the changes that have taken place in their life after their brain injury, and are a large part of being able to reintegrate into a world that is different than the one that our survivors lived in pre-injury. Brain Injury 101 is led by our education and prevention coordinator, and Rebuilding After Brain Injury and Connect, Learn, Grow are led by life skills workers.

P.A.R.T.Y. Program

"The P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) Program is an injury awareness and prevention program for youth age 15 and older. Developed in 1986 at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, this program is a vital component of the growing community effort to reduce death and injury in alcohol, drug and risk-related crashes and incidents." (P.A.R.T.Y. website) KBIA is proud to be presenting for P.A.R.T.Y Program, which would not have been possible without a grant from ICBC.

[ March 2018: Agenda | Program Details | Letter to Parents ]

Grade 4 Injury Prevention Program

The Grade 4 Injury Prevention Program was started by KBIA in 1997 and has since been adopted across Canada. Each year we offer sessions to all Grade 4 classes in the Kamloops community. The students love this program and participate fully. The Grade 4 Injury Prevention Program promotes awareness of brain injury and injury prevention through safe practices, and correct helmet use. Survivors of brain injury play a key role in this program through their participation and sharing of information about their injury and the resulting impairments. This personal touch always seems to make the reality of brain injury much more meaningful and memorable for the students. This fun and interactive presentation helps students take safety seriously.

Brain Waves

Thanks to the dedication of Dr. Richard Brownlee, the Kamloops Brain Injury Association partners with 2nd year nursing students from TRU to offer Brain Waves presentations to Grade 4, 5 & 6 classes in Kamloops. This fun, hands-on half-day program integrates lessons in neuroanatomy and the five senses with brain and spinal cord injury prevention education. Students love that for a half day their classrooms become laboratories and they become Sense Explorers. Check out Parachute Canada for more information.

Helmet Rewards

Each year the Kamloops Brain Injury Association seeks grants to hire two summer coordinators to run our Helmet Reward Program. The focus of the program is to have a visible presence at community parks, skate parks, and recreational sites rewarding youths for wearing the appropriate safety gear (helmets, knee pads, etc.) when operating small wheeled vehicles such as bikes, skateboards and roller blades. The goal is to reduce the risk of personal injury to youths when engaging in sporting events / activities. The coordinators prowl the parks and high traffic areas where youth are likely to be participating in wheeled sports. Those sporting adequate head gear are rewarded handsomely thereby encouraging their peers to wear the gear.

Activity & Awareness / Funfest

Activity & Awareness /Funfest provides a great opportunity for the public to learn about brain injury and injury prevention and Kamloops Brain Injury Association takes part in support of those individuals who face the challenges presented by the outcomes of brain injury. Fun filled family activities are scheduled throughout the day as well as music and games —- all aimed at spreading the prevention message; and ultimately reducing the incidents of accidents and the resulting brain injury.

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