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KBIA runs a series of groups ranging from social to educational. Some groups are ongoing, while others run as needed. Listed below are some of our social groups, but please visit our Education & Prevention page for more detail on our educational groups. Check our monthly calendar to see current groups.

Crossing Bridges Art

The Crossing Bridges Art program is an opportunity for survivors to work on different art projects in a group setting facilitated by a local artist. This program is in partnership with The Kamloops Arts Council.

Music Class

For the survivors who join this class, its a time to learn to play instruments and enjoy playing together. Research has proven that music improves memory and concentration and has healing benefits.

Peer Support Drop In

Drop-In group promotes friendship, self-worth and development of social skills. Join us for an afternoon of games, a good cup of coffee and some great conversation with other survivors of acquired brain injury. New members are encouraged to attend.

Stained Glass Art

The Stained Glass Art Program presents the opportunity for survivors to develop their fine motor skills and executive functioning by designing and building various stained glass projects.

Brain Buzz

Brain Buzz allows the opportunity for survivors to read and discuss articles about brain health, research and other survivor's recoveries. This group provides an open forum in which survivors can improve reading skills, memory skills and empowers survivors to discuss their opinions and experiences.

Other Groups that run throughout the year:

Women's Support Group • Emotional Management • Financial Management
Fraud Prevention • Pet Partnership • Substance Use and Brain Injury (SUBI)

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